API Features What can you do by using the API

User Authentication

Login/Register/Change Password

You can use the API to do the register, login, change password and some other user system logic

Location Service

Real-time & History location

Get the real-time tracking and the location history playback features for one or multiple devices


Safety or Risky Zone Management

Allow you to manage the geofence by using the API, when the device enter or exit, you will get alart by the system


Alarm list by the devices

You can get the alarm list generated by the device

Command & Control

Send command to device

Using the API to send command to device or control the device

Other API

More API for difference devices

There are a lot more APIs for vehicle and other devices to control difference sensors

Start to use API

GPScamp API is json API base on the GPScamp system, it allow you to build your own mobile app or web app. We will provide technical support and sample code for our customers